Anders Brosveet (H)


Anders Brosveet is the managing partner at Elden. He also heads our white-collar crime practice.


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Brosveet has been defence counsel in a number of the most complex white-collar criminal cases in Norway since the 1990s. Hence, he has extensive experience in handling litigation with very complex factual and legal issues. Brosveet often litigates cases in the Supreme Court of Norway.

His practice also covers matters within contract and company law, especially related to dispute resolution.

Brosveet is a member of the Norwegian Govnermental Criminal Law Council (expert council tasked with preparing changes to Norwegian criminal law) and the Norwegian Bar Association's Expert Committee for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, as well as the Criminal Law Committee of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE).

Work experience

1998 -
Advokat, managing partner, Elden Advokatfirma
2003 -
Admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of Norway
2010 - 2017
Appointed public defender, The Supreme Court of Norway
1996 - 1998
Associate, Advokat John Christian Elden


Candidatus juris, University of Oslo


2019 -
Medlem av Straffelovrådet
2017 -
Medlem av Advokatforeningens lovutvalg for strafferett og straffeprosess
2011 -
Medlem av Criminal Law Committee i Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)
2018 - 2021
Medlem av styret i Domstoladministrasjonen
2010 - 2014
Medlem av hovedstyret i Advokatforeningen
2009 - 2012
Medlem av Advokatvirksomhetsutvalget i Advokatforeningen
2006 - 2010
Medlem av Rettshjelp- og salærutvalget i Advokatforeningen